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The aestheic value of the Cape Floristic Region's landscape cannot be ignored – for its recreational, educational, inspiration and tourism benefits.  While it may be perceived that these are intangible benefits, it must be acknowledged that the economies of many small, coastal towns are driven by their natural beauty.  The need for responsible and ethical tourism within this sensitive and beautiful ‘shrine’ is obvious.  I am sure that this guide will contribute significantly to the understanding of the value of this area.

Dr Robbie Robinson:  Former CEO of SANParks, former CEO of Uganda’s Wildlife Authority and former Chair of E2A


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This is the 5th edition of the Garden Route Guide, first published by Jacana Media in 1997. The original book was printed in an A4 format with stunningly beautiful illustrations and paintings of the diverse mammal, birdlife, botany and marine ecology of the southern Cape region.

Much has happened in the interim period from when the book was first conceived and published, particularly in relation to the tourism infrastructure and tourism appeal of this very unique region, located on the southern extremity of the African continent. The purpose of this new edition is therefore to update the book and provide a comprehensive overview of these new opportunities to explore and discovery this beautiful land. Some of the changes we have witnessed over the past 20 years are profound to say the least.

We hope this updated and revised edition will give you much pleasure and a better insight into the natural treasures of the Garden Route environment, its diverse and beautiful landscapes, its rich cultural history, and its mountains, rivers and coastal magnificence. Venture beyond the known tourism routes, listen to the silence, be amazed by the world we have been given. Choose those roads and paths less travelled and you will find a world that will enrich your life forever.

Grahame Thomson

Plettenberg Bay, February 2017 

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