Day Walks

Guided Ambles and Day Walks




The Cape Floristic Kingdom was proclaimed a World Heritage Site in 2004.  In total, the site covers 553 000 hectares of land that is particularly rich in plant species, and represents nearly 20% of Africa's flora.

The guides selected for our AMBLES & DAY WALKS have hiked this area extenstively and are able to provide you with the best possible hiking experience.  Each has an indepth knowledge of the fauna, flora and history of the area and will be able to provide an immersive nature experience to all those who join them!

All the day hikes are circular routes with the exception of the KEURBOOMS TO NATURES VALLEY Hike




A half day guided walking exploration of the Robberg Peninsula paying particular attention to the palaeontology of Nelson’s Cave. The trails ends around noon with a picnic lunch.  This is an adventurous route that combines tidal beach, some steep tracks and coasteering over rocks and along short ridges.

Cost: R570.00 per person including picnic lunch (Conservation Fees are not included)

Duration: Robberg offers manageable hikes to very strenuous hikes of 5 hours.  There are 3 routes offered which cater for a broad cross section of fitness levels.  Each route varies in duration.

You will need: A pair of trainers or takkies (not boots or sandals), a daypack with sunscreen, hat, swimming costume and a lightweight jacket (just in case)

Where we meet:  Inside the Robberg Cape Nature Car Park - 09h00


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This guided walk through the deep Knysna indigenous forest with numerous Yellowwood, Blackwood and Stinkwood trees, some known to be around 600 years old, is the largest remaining complex of close canopy forest in Southern Africa.  This is a moist Afromontane Forest (Afro – African, Montane – mountain).  You will enjoy 470 species of flora, 180 species of woody flora and 285 species of herbaceous flora, rich and abundant birdlife and shy forest animals – a place full of history and mystery.  A place where elephants used to roam…. And may still


Cost: R570pp including transfers and a carry picnic lunch

Duration: 5 hours hiking (with collections & transfers, allow for an additional 2 hours).  The walk itself is between 8 & 9 kms and is a circular route

What to bring:   Comfortable walking shoes, hat, binoculars, water, insect repellent           

Where we meet: Diepwalle Forestry Station, just outside Knysna at 08h30





We head up Kalander Kloof through indigenous forest (hence the trail's name after the Outeniqua yellow wood) before exiting into fynbos with views across the lagoon and the surrounding kloofs.

From here, we wander through a cathedral of Outeniqua Yellow woods on the eastern banks of the Groot River that follows the river to its mouth and onto the beach as far as The Gully. The trail then links up with the end of Otter Trail, but in reverse. It heads out to the Point from where there are incredible views along the coast. Were dolphins and wales can be seen frolicking in the waves. On the return the trail crosses the mouth of the river, meandering along the opposite bank back to the starting point.

Cost:  R550pp including a light picnic lunch which we carry with us

Duration: approx 2.5 hours (5kms) A circular route.

What to bring:  A pair of trainers or takkies (not boots or sandals), a daypack with sunscreen, hat, mozzie repellent, swimming costume and a lightweight jacket

Where to meet: de Vasselot Camp Site - 09h00


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The trail begins at Enrico’s, Keurbooms beach where we will meet in the parking lot. The first part of the walk is along the beautiful coast line up to Forest Hall where we enjoy our picnic lunch.

The trail then goes through typical coastal Fynbos, but this soon gives way to forest as one nears Salt River. Typical tree species include Yellowwoods, False Saffron and Candlewood. On this walk, keep a look out for a variety of wildlife – bushbuck, bushpig, vervet monkeys, baboon and the cape Clawless Otter are common to the area, as well as Fish Eagle, Kingfishers and numerous coastal pelagic species. The hike passes Blue Rocks and culminates on the Natures Valley beach.


Cost:  R750pp including a light picnic lunch which we carry with us

Duration: Approx 6 to 7 hours  / 12 kms

What to bring:  A pair of cross trainers or takkies (not boots or sandals), a daypack with sunscreen, hat, mozzie repellent, swimming costume, water, a lightweight jacket and binoculars

Where to meet: Enrico’s Parking Lot, Keurbooms - between 08h00 and 09h00 to be decided on the day, tide dependent

At the end of the hike, we will collect you in Natures Valley and transfer you back to your vehicle at Keurbooms