The Plett Trail

pletttrail 2Why is the Plett Trail so special? 

  • The most spectacularly beautiful coastline in South Africa
  • The indigenous forests of Diepwalle and Fishantshoek
  • Biodiversity of marine life – whales, seals, dolphins
  • Archaeological sites dating back 120 000 years
  • Professional environmental and ecological guides to lead you
  • Warm hospitality and traditional SA country lodges
  • Spectacular mountain ranges: Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma
  • The Plett Birding Route featuring over 300 endemics and near endemics
  • Eco tourism and adventure tourism activities
  • Ten nature reserves
  • The Plett Wine & Bubbly Route and 16 boutique wine estates

Six reasons to experience the Plett Trail for yourself 

  1. Archaeological wonders: Walk through archaeological sites and caves dating back 160 000 years. Learn from experts about the cultures, tools and animals that roamed this grassland before the Ice Age.
  2. Professional Guiding: Gain an understanding of the unique flora in this fynbos biome, marine and historical landscapes of the southern Cape and its hinterland.
  3. Abundant birding: Enjoy one of South Africa’s most unique birding hotspots home to 50% of SA’s endemics and over 840 bird species, including a number of sought after waders, migrants and pelagics in the Cape Floristic Kingdom.
  4. Boutique wine estates: Complete your full sensory experience by tasting some of the 200 000 bottles of wine and bubbly that gets produced by sixteen boutique wine estates every year.
  5. Luxury traditional lodges: Enjoy a well-deserved rest under the dramatic mountains that teem with wildlife and delicate flora in some of South Africa’s most luxury country lodges
  6. Biodiversity Hotspot: the Garden Route is located in the heart of the Cape Floristic Kingdom, the smallest yet most diverse biological hotspot in the world. In recognising this, a recent submission to UNESCO is currently awaiting confirmation of Biosphere Reserve status in the Garden Route